Internet security is our passion!

Our research is cutting edge and we are responsible for not only finding hundreds of new security vulnerabilities, but also coming up with exploit techniques previously unheard of.


The security of the hosting industry has always been a major concern of our parent company RACK911, and in 2013 we decided to take a proactive approach by creating a new division called “RACK911 Labs” that specializes in finding security vulnerabilities.

Using our many years of experience in server management and internet security, we are able to look at various types of software and find vulnerabilities that are often overlooked by the developers. Having a proactive approach allows us to work with the developers, develop a plan and get a fix out there before anyone malicious has time to write a “zero day” exploit.

While we are well regarded to be the leaders of security in the hosting industry, it is our ultimate goal to expand to other markets and bring our experience and proven vulnerability research to help keep the internet secure.


Most of our clients are software developers that require expert feedback to evaluate the overall security of their product(s). In some cases, end users instead of the developers have utilized our services to ensure the software they are about to deploy is secure. We’ve audited everything from basic web applications with hundreds of users to complex hosting platforms used by millions of users.

Whether you’re a small business with a single employee or a large Fortune 500 company, we have the experience to help find security vulnerabilities in your product(s) without breaking the bank. The cost of our security services is nothing compared to the embarrassment and liability of being hacked.

Bug Bounties

In addition to providing security services, we are also active in claiming public and private “bug bounties” for finding security vulnerabilities in high profile software & websites. Our bug bounty portfolio includes big names such as Eset, McAfee, Oracle, cPanel and Plesk to name a few. We’re not joking when we say security is our passion; As you can see, we even do this on our free time!